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Masters of the Celtic Harp 2011 Tour

Masters of the Celtic Harp

Gráinne Hambly & William Jackson


Summer 2011

July 11-15: Asheville NC
The Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College.
July 15-17: Parsippany NJ
The Somerset Folk Harp Festival at the Hilton Parsippany. Concerts and workshops.

Fall 2011

October 7: Baltimore, MD
Concert for J Patrick's All Stars & Baltimore Folk Music Society at the Stony Run Friends Meetinghouse at 8pm.
October 8: West Chester, PA
Concert at West Chester University in the Gates Family Recital Hall at 8pm.
October 9: West Chester, PA
Workshops at West Chester University in Room 300 (the Sigma room) at the Swope Music Building, 817 S. High St. from 2-5pm, sponsored by Kildare's.
October 12: Cranford, NJ
Concert at the Cranford Community Center, sponsored by the Friends of Cranford Public Library, 220 Walnut Ave
October 14-16: New Brunswick, NJ
The 19th annual Harpers Escape Weekend at the Continuing Studies Center at Rutgers University. Sign-up deadline is Oct. 1.
October 17: Spring Lake, NJ
Concert at the Spring Lake Public Library, 1503 3rd Ave., at 7:30pm.
October 19-22: St. Louis, MO
Workshops & concert for the St. Louis Irish Arts Music and Dance School.
October 22: Evening concert at 7:30pm. Concert tickets are $20. All will take place at the Immaculate Conception Parish School at 2934 Marshall Ave. 
November 4-6: Gettysburg, PA
Washington Area Folk Harp Society Getaway weekend with William Jackson.

October 27: Cambria, CA
Concert at Painted Sky Studios,  4111 Bridge St. Tickets $18. For more info, call Terri at 805-927-0500. SOLD OUT!
October 28: San Diego, CA
AMSD Concerts, 4650 Mansfield Street at 7:30pm. Tickets $20.
October 29: Pasadena, CA
Concert for the CalTech Music Series at the Beckman Institute Auditorium, 400 S. Wilson Ave., at 8pm. 15 for adults, $5 for children and Caltech students.
October 30: Anaheim, CA
Workshop with Grainne 2-3:30pm and with William 3:30-5pm at Salvi Harps, 2000 S Santa Cruz St., and concert at 7:30pm. Orange County Chapter of the American Harp Society.


Masters of the Celtic Harp

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